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invisible braces

It is currently the most chosen option, due to its comfort, since it consists of a series of practically invisible aligners that are changed every 15 days for new ones.
The patient wears them throughout the day, but can take them off to eat and brush their teeth. At Acedo Dental we work with Invisalign®, the only treatment that offers innovation, clinical studies and technology, to achieve the best result, with all the guarantees of the original invisible technique laboratory.

At Acedo Dental your health and aesthetics come first. For this reason, from our two dental clinics located in Seseña (Toledo) and El Barco de Ávila (Ávila) we want to provide our clients with the most modern means and treatments that ensure a healthy mouth for the whole family.
Come and see our facilities, we will advise you on the best solution adapted to your needs and budget.

Dental implants

They are titanium fixations that are placed in the maxillary bone in order to replace the roots of the lost pieces, which allows us to replace the natural piece with a piece with better functionality and equal or better aesthetics.


iTero Scanner

You will be able to see what your smile will look like before even starting your treatment.

The iTero digital scanner offers us a 3D image of the patient's mouth. The patient can see an exact recreation of his mouth, the soft tissues and the position of his teeth as well as a simulation of the result of his orthodontic treatment before beginning. We also do occlusion diagnostic studies, models for all types of prosthetic work, without the need to make impressions.

Dental CT

It is used to take three-dimensional images of teeth, craniofacial bones and nerve structures to plan dental treatment.

At Acedo dental we have the latest advances in technology for radiodiagnosis

  • We perform dental CT CBCT totally digital image with ultra low radiation

  • We also have digital Orthopantomography (Panoramic)

  • cephalometries

  • periapical radiographs

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