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Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium fixations that are placed in the maxillary bone in order to replace the roots of the lost pieces, which allows us to replace the natural piece with a piece with better functionality (implant-supported crown) and equal or better aesthetics. . At Acedo Dental we use top quality implants.

It is performed under local anesthesia and has a good postoperative period. Its greatest benefit is that to replace a piece you do not have to carve the neighboring pieces, unlike bridges, whatever the material they are made of. It can be replaced by implants:


Unitary pieces: crown + implant:

Several pieces: Several crowns on 2 or more implants.

edentulous people:

  •  Prosthesis fixed to several implants.
  •  Removable prostheses on implants.
Implantes dentales Seseña Avila Dentista Clínica Acedo

Replacement of a missing tooth or teeth

BRIDGE OVER IMPLANTS: We can replace lost pieces with a bridge supported by implants, and thus avoid carving adjacent teeth. This treatment offers:


  • replace missing teeth
  • Prevent the rest of the pieces from moving
  • stop bone loss

Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing pieces, for different reasons:



  • Improved aesthetics: Provide the best aesthetic and functional result
  • Reduced bone loss: stop bone loss
  • minimally invasive (keep the adjacent teeth as they do not have to be carved)
  • Reliable: Implants last a lifetime, for this they must be correctly placed by a professional and take proper care of them with good oral hygiene.
  • Improves dental hygiene
Implantes dentales Seseña Avila Dentista Clínica Acedo

Replace all teeth with implants

Fixed prosthesis:

It consists of a bridge supported by four or more implants. Implants are surgically fixed in the jawbone and act as the root of the teeth. A fixed solution offers numerous advantages:

  • Maintains bone and stops bone loss
  • Improves chewing function and taste sensation
  • It offers an aesthetic solution very similar to that of our teeth.

Solutions on implants offer many advantages compared to false prostheses:

  • Eliminate the need for strips and adhesives
  • Greater stability, improve masticatory function and when speaking
  • They can be removed to facilitate hygiene
  • Prevents irritation and inflammation in the gums
Implantes dentales Seseña Avila Dentista Clínica Acedo

guided surgery

It's the technique LESS INVASIVE that exists for the placement of implants (without cuts or stitches).

  • with software guided surgery we carry out the diagnosis and the virtual planning of your totally personalized treatment
  • The system GUIDED SURGERY allows us to perform a surgical procedure with absolute precision
  • Decreased intervention and patient recovery time
Implantes dentales Seseña Avila Dentista Clínica Acedo
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